Wish list;;;;;;

  • duck/goose skull
  • domestic cat skulls; as many as possible [cat hoarder]
  • red fox pelt
  • red fox face
  • bobcat tail
  • red fox tail
  • badger pelt
  • skunk pelt
  • more bird skulls [legal ones]
  • crow/raven feet
  • taxidermied mice

If anyone’s interested in doe/no antlered buck skulls; or any deer bones;
I’m looking for any fur/pelts (ermine, fox, skunk, badger, etc..); and a domestic cat skull.
Or anything else.
Just message me if you’re looking to trade for deer bones, I’ve got plenty! :D

I’d trade a doe or small buck skull with no antlers for a domestic cat skull. Also misc deer bones for antique photographs.